Loyal Dog Can’t Stop Crying When Realizes That He Doesn’t Have Home Anymore.


I don’t understand how people can just disown their dogs.

The shelter should only be a temporary shelter for the animal. It is very sad when you see an adult dog in an animal shelter crying from the fact that she understands that she no longer has an owner. Today your heart can burst into pieces because you will see an incredible touching story that does not leave anyone indifferent. A poor dog were abounded in a shelter because the owner threw her out. Dog can not stop crying from what happened to her. We are simply unbearable to look at this terrible sight.

The main source of growth in the population of stray animals, according to official data, are irresponsible owners who leave pets on the street. As a rule, everyday circumstances force the four-legged friend out the door: travel, illness of loved ones, the death of the owners of a cat or dog. How to find owners for a four-legged friend if there is no way to leave him at home.

On the Internet, there are often ads with long stories about animals, only at the end of which you can find information about the four-legged and the phone of the guardian. Some people think that emotional ads are better for their audience. In fact, there is a great risk that community users simply do not read the text to the end that is too long. Photos must be attached to the description.

It is very likely that when looking for a pet, community users will pay attention first to the pictures, and then to the description of your pet. It is best to take 5-10 photos. If the search for owners for an animal lasts more than a month, then they should be updated.

We really hope that every homeless or abandoned animal by its owner will find a new family and love, as well as a mother who will protect and love. And the animals are our smaller brothers that deserves good treatment.

Watch the video below and find out in more detail about this story. How the situation ended with the poor dog, did she find new family and home?