Little Elephant Navann Enjoys His Bath Time. Watch the Lovely Moment!


I can’t describe how precious this video is.

Do you see something nicer then Baby Elephant? I do. It is when baby elephant has bath time. As you know, elephants love water very much. In addition to the fact that the elephant drinks about 100-300 liters of water per day, they are also very fond of swimming, so these animals are almost always near water.

And if we talk about swimming, elephants can swim very well and love water procedures, and their average speed of movement overland reaches 3-6 km / h. When running for short distances, the elephant’s speed sometimes increases to 60 km / h.

But what about those who live in zoos, of course, everyone has their own swimming pool. So this baby has his own “LAKE”. On the video you can see how the mom of an elephant first bathes her child. How nice and funny it looks.

The kid stumbles, slips and falls, but his mother helps him get up. Also, it’s not a small fact that Mama collects water into the trunk and pours it from above. This is her instinct which is transmitted in the blood as in many animals.

As in humans, only his parents and habitat can teach something child. It is why it is really interesting to see how as a huge elephant takes care of his baby. If you have never seen elephants live, I hasten to share the dimensions of the elephant.

The height of the elephant is 2-4 m. The weight of the animal is from 3 to 14 tons. Its powerful body is covered with thick grey. But baby elephants born with a rare bristle and adult individuals are practically devoid of vegetation.

And now just watch how the cute small elephant has his bathing time. I feel like the other elephants are too jealous. They should have their own little mud and pool. To be honest I think the mother elephant wanted to play in the pool more than the baby!

So cute! What do you think?