Legendary Marty McFly and Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live


This is so hilarious! Do you know these interesting facts about the trilogy “Back to the Future”. Let’s check! Zemekis and Gail wrote the script when Gail thought about what it would be like if he was friends at school with his father. In the original scenario, Doc Brown from the 50’s did not know where to get energy in 121 GW, and decided that the source of such power could only be a nuclear explosion.

The heroes decide to go to the nuclear power plant. Filming this episode would be too expensive, and decided to abandon it. A plot move with lightning and a clock was invented. Marty’s drummer plays Yamaha drums while listening to music When a car with hooligans crashes into a truck with manure and he begins to fill them, Biff for some reason leans forward to the loose fertilizer, not trying to avoid contact with him.

The duration of the lightning discharge is 0.2-1 sec. When Marty returns in 1955 in the first film, the wire from the lightning rod is stretched perpendicular to the direction of movement of the machine with the current collector. It is clear that to get at a speed of 88 miles / h current collector in the wire to the nearest second, even knowing the exact time of lightning, it is almost impossible.

It would be more logical to stretch the wire parallel to the movement of the car on the principle of the tram. Then the contact time of the pantograph with the wire would be significantly longer and the calculation of time would not look so incredibly accurate.

Also, did you know that Marty falls in 1955 on November 5, this date was chosen by the screenwriters because she appears in the film “From time to time” (1979), the hero of which also moves in time on November 5. In addition, November 5 – the birthday of Bob Gale’s father (co-writer of all three series of the film).

And now, let’s watch them nowadays. Marty and Doc visited Jimmy Kimmel Show. They are still funny, still amazing!