Legendary Bill Withers Sings “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Watch the Official Video.


Timeless hit for all generations!

Featured in the video below is one of the most beautiful songs every created. Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” holds a special place in all of our hearts. Music is an immortal means of transferring ideas, attitudes, moods, as well as every positive mindset this or that artist or band may be willing to share with the world around.

Whereas certain music genres go down in history and are recovered only by a few dozens of art and music scholars globally, there are those styles, which are here to stay for decades or maybe even a century.

Likewise, those who perform in a particular genre either disappear after several concerts or make their names iconic in the music industry and the hearts of the listeners for many years to come.

Though such examples of music as grunge, dubstep, electronica, trance, hair rock, emo, acid jazz, and techno among numerous others have probably managed to retain but a few devoted followers by now, they were gradually pushed out by new more modern tendencies.

However, there are also the styles that could withstand the impact of time and the ever-changing tastes of the demanding audience. Modern songs are fine, but it seems to me that 80’s songs have something more than just text and melody.

They have a whole story that we live through the whole song. A pleasant voice Withers’ will calm and bring pleasure. Especially if the day was difficult. Sometimes you want to lie down and just relax. That’s why the song was created “Ain’t No Sunshine”, is not it?

The song ended up becoming a breakthrough hit for Withers, reaching number six on the U.S. R&B Chart and number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has been used in lots of movies and series as well.

Just watch the video and you understand what am I talk about.