Kurt Russell Performing “Blue Moon of Kentucky” as Elvis Presley and It’s Perfect.


Kurt has some serious Elvis moves!

Kurt Russell is one of those rare actors who, having started acting in their youth, made an excellent film career. Having achieved success thanks to the comedy action films of the 80s, Kurt Russell has not lost its relevance over more than 50 years of his film career. Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, recently released on the screens, made everyone start talking about the actor again.

But before the actor returns to the big screens, we suggest recalling the 8 best roles in the filmography of Kurt Russell. This film was the first of five Carpenter and Russell collaborations. This television bioptic was filmed just two years after the death of the King, which could have caused the public to be very skeptical about the tape, since the fame of “Elvis” has not yet faded. But Carpenter was not mistaken in his choice.

Russell, who is still a huge fan of Elvis music to this day, donned blue suede shoes with such confidence that he received an Emmy nomination. The film perfectly shows the singer’s sparkling attractiveness, but at the same time, it raises to the surface conflicts, problems and resentments that lurked deep inside, leading to the imminent death of the King.

Kurt Russell, an actor who has never been nominated for an Oscar, lives outside of Los Angeles and calls the season of awards just a joke. His career has gone well without any awards (except for the Saturn Award). Russell managed to be at the peak of popularity much more than once – and at 65 people started talking about him again.

He fell in love with one of the most popular and beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and for over 30 years he and Goldie Hawn have still lived happily together. What can I say, Kurt Russell is charismatic but humble, serious but funny, handsome but attainable.

Let’s watch one of the best movie scene of this actor!