Keith Urban Performs National Anthem for the First and You’ve Got to Hear It!


Simply amazing!

Keith Urban has provided the audience with the stunning rendition of the National Anthem when he stepped on stage before the game took place between the teams of the Predators and the Ducks. According to the press, he had been a highly anticipated celebrity to grace the games, and when this happened, the viewers were roaring with delight and showering the singer with applause.

We won’t be exaggerating if we say that Keith is a country legend who knows how to win our hearts with the pure vocals and powerful renditions. This performance is not an exception, and though the music experts say that the country tone gave the melody a fast pace that had not been expected, we agree that this is one of the best covers ever.

When you have a legendary performer stepping in to upgrade the game and inspire the players that are taking charge soon afterward, you cannot fail the expectations of the audience. Although the melody did gain a country vibe to it, it did not become any less significant in terms of the national recognition and praise that Keith had been surrounded with right after the games.

Later, the singer posted a message on his social account, saying that he had never been asked to sing the National Anthem before. Though he has been living in the country for more than twenty years, this is truly an honor for the performer who knows how to charm us with his looks and brilliant stage presence. You will soon realize that there is no way you can miss the show.

Keith has decided to support the Predators as they had been taking over the field, and the rendition of the anthem added to the overall atmosphere of the games. Prepare to be surprised by the cover and feel the patriotic vibes as the vocalist is presenting his own version of the melody to the viewers.

He should not be underestimated for what he is doing, and we are certain that Keith can nail any performance whenever he appears in front of us. Click on the video to watch the wonderful rendition today and don’t forget to check out the vocalist who is winning the fans with his voice!