Judges’ Jaws Simply Dropped When Man Delivers Emotional Creep Cover.


This version is truly amazing!

A simple guy with a difficult past at school, Brian Justin Crum, 28. Despite all the adversity, he believed in himself and came to the show America’s Got Talent back in 2016. He already was on the show X-factor and that’s why we do not meet at first this name.

But he tried his strength again. Crum always had a love for music, and decided to take it to the stage.This time with a cover of a song Radiohead’s song “Creep” The biggest support for him is his mother who is always in the hall, while her son performs.

But she is also the only close person for him in life. He does not represent his life without it. It is his support, proud and trust between them is very important for both. With help from his mother, he later gained confidence in exploring a career as a singer. If we talk about the performance. It is magical, beautiful and wonderful.

I can not find words to describe it. In the first very nice and fascinating song cover. It should be noted that Crum created it by himself since he works with music. Crum’s rendition of “Creep” comes across as a lament that vacillates between quiet reticence and thunderous agony. But such a beautiful lament it is.

The second is a very strong voice. Justin takes very high notes but is also very pleased to listen to his voice just in the song. The voice is very gentle and filled with emotions. Undoubtedly I can say that Justin survived this song on stage, and not just sang.

If you are really a connoisseur of good music, or just like to listen to it at your leisure, turn on this video. I’m sure that after this video you’ll see all the Crum’s performances. You a great pleasure from the emotions experienced during the performance.

Just turn off the brain and listen to this song in your heart. I promise you will like it. Enjoy!