Josh Groban Joins Celine Dion on Stage to Sing ‘The Prayer’ and Their Performance Will Give You Chills


Simply amazing!

Celine Dion is a performer that has gained fame due to her phenomenal vocals, but when she comes out on stage together with Josh Groban, the viewers know that this duo is going to be legendary.

Together, these celebrities show the audience what the real class of music looks like, and when we watch them belting out the words of our favorite composition, the blending of the voices can knock us off our feet. You will be surprised to hear the introduction, presented by Celine before she joins hand with one of the most ambitious singers of our time.

She remembers Josh as a young guy who first stepped out on stage. He was so nervous that Dion had to talk to him in order to make him feel better and convince the newcomer that the music industry is not as threatening as he had imagined.

This episode was the career start for Josh, who later released several albums, instantly becoming famous all over the world. Now, Celine looks back on the scene with the nostalgic feeling that cannot be underrated.

She is so happy to be with Josh that she basically dedicates the composition to him and his unique abilities. When the viewers call the duo one of the sweetest collaborations on the modern stage, you have to agree, because they indeed look great.

You will also notice that both performers do not try to outshine one another. They give time for the audience to adjust to their pace, and when they start the composition on a high note, you know that you are in for the real treat.

There is no way you can miss the footage, and we think that you need to check out the full concert that was filmed a few years ago. It definitely deserves the attention of the viewers, and we hope that Celine and Josh are going to meet again on stage in the nearest future.

They have already gained the attention of the general public, and they don’t have to prove anything to the crowd, since they are the acknowledged professionals in the sphere of public shows. Press play and watch them leaving it all out before the fans.