Jennifer Lopez Stuns the Audience With Her Incredibly Gorgeous Dress!


Very beautiful and talented!

Jennifer Lopez performed the home ballad “Feel the Light” on American Idol and once again showed everyone that she is an absolutely perfect and unrivaled live performer. Participants in the Top 11 American Idols took to the stage in the 19th episode of singing, but Jennifer Lopez, stole the show with her epic performance. J. Lo is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and businesswoman.

The creative career of Jennifer Lopez started as a dancer in the movie, but worldwide fame and glory she brought her vocals. The girl dreamed to prove that she was talented in everything, including music, and she more than succeeded. The star stood still and did not make a single step during her beautiful performance “Feel the Light” and left the audience (and millions of spectators) enchanted.

Jenny seemed incredible — her vocal skill was underestimated — and looked like a fairy princess in a huge, floating dress.Jennifer first appeared on stage in a large white dress — which consisted of fabric, 20 feet in diameter — and it projected scenes from the movie, as well as some super cool special effects White dress, similar to a vast circle and exciting the whole scene.

When JL Law began to perform, the dress turned into projection. The magnificent celebrity managed to merge in the atmosphere and leave the audience speechless. As J. Lo stood there and belted out every mesmerizing note, our eyes were transfixed on that dress — how fierce!

Even Jennifer’s costume designer, Mariel Haenn, felt like it was something “special.” Designers add that the gown, made especially for the show, needed to be minimalistic enough to deliver the message and add animation to the final version.

It had to be a live canvas with an aesthetically pleasing purpose, and we think that this episode is going to be remembered for a long time. There’s no doubt about it — we definitely felt the light! All eyes are on J. Lo.

Watch the epic clip below.