My first blogging income


Blogging is not such a simple thing, as you probably think. This is insight, time and attention.

In this article I will tell you, how I earned $4500 in my first year of blogging, what I’ve wanted to do and what I exactly achieved.

1 year ago I took a thought about creating of my own blog. Why? Because I found out, that I can earn very good money from blogging. Unfortunately, I didn’t know, what exactly I desired. Money, popularity or just people’s attention. Every day I looked at the pages on Instagram or Facebook profiles, I watched different videos on YouTube and dreamed of only one thing. Will you ask what’s the thing? I dreamed of being them, I wanted to have the same amount of money for being capable to dress cool as them, I wanted to ride expensive cars and I wanted to live in huge houses.

What do you think? I was tired of just sitting and staring at the laptop screen. I set a goal and started to think.

For creating of my own blog I had to think about a huge amount of questions:
•what will be the main topic of my blog
•for whom will I create this blog
•how to interest the audience…

So, the first thing, which I did, was the creating of content plan. I did that for understanding, how blog will look like and what is it missing. After that, I chose the subject. I loved and still love yoga, meditation and other physical activities. So, I decided to motivate people and help them to become healthier online.
I already knew, how I will sell my online workouts and how I will help people with motivation.

The only thing, which I needed was to find customers. It was the hardest part. There are actually a lot of ways to find clients, but I will tell you how I did it.
My friend was engaged in advertising of social networks and Internet in general. We created the post, that described my activities and what I will give to my clients. We published this post and in a couple of days I got the first clients. I got my first profit. However, I did not stop. I continued to come up with new ideas and realize them. I conduct various training groups, seminars and various motivational events. I helped people to achieve their goals.

It was my first year of blogging. I earned $4500

Only after my start of the blogging(about healthy life and motivation) I realized, that profit is not the main thing. The most important is achievement of goals.