10 steps to the goal “Homeowner “


Every person wants to have his/her own apartment or house. But on the way to the goal you have to use rental services. it’s not bad, it’s expensive. However, if you really desire to achieve the goal, you need to attain it.

So, how to stop renting and actually become a homeowner ?

I will tell you about 10 ways for getting it below:

1. take a mortgage. Everything, what you need to do is going to the bank and getting a mortgage (you have to read the terms and conditions very careful), after that you will pay for your own apartment ( but to the bank now)

2. This item is also associated with a mortgage, but in this case you rent out an apartment or house, that you took in a mortgage.

3. This and further methods are suitable for those, who do not want to take a mortgage. So, you have to start saving money. Economize and don’t buy too much

4. Open a bank account. Deposit the part of the money from each monthly salary there. What’s the most important is interest. It will be charged there.

5. Try to get a second job. Your income will double.

6. You can rent the apartment and separate it with somebody else (when you will rent an apartment, offer someone to live with you in the next room but take the payment as for the entire apartment. This way you can save money on rental)

7. By the way, when you take an apartment in a mortgage, you can also live there with someone. It is quite profitable.

8. Participate in the lottery. maybe you are lucky.

9. Open your own business. Business gives a lot of opportunities, experience and, of course, money.

10. This method is only suitable for car owners. If you really need an apartment (even more than a car) sell it and you will already have some amount of money.

An apartment is, definitely, necessary thing. If you need it very much, if you really want to become a homeowner, act then, even if you have to sacrifice a car.