Holly Willoughby Almost Cries on Live TV After Makeover Goes Horribly Wrong. Watch the Video


The funniest episode ever!

Holly Willoughby got really emotional after she found out about the prank that took place on the episode of the show This Morning. April’s Fool may seem like a perfect day for all kinds of tricks that can be pulled on your colleagues, and Holly was not an exception when she was forced to remain professional while watching the makeover of the lady, coming into the studio.

The ruse itself was built around Carol, who came to receive the transformation of a dream before the anniversary of the wedding. Her husband remained among the hosts, and before long, the lady appeared in the studio, wearing a subdued pink gown, paired with white boots. She also sported a smoky eye makeup and some heavy lipstick.

The hero of the show thought the makeover to be rather garish. Holly, ever the expert in handling the affairs between the members of the show, managed to soothe her down by telling Carol that she can go through the rails and be in charge of picking the new outfit. This is the reason the curly blonde look did not go well with the participant.

She said that she loves bright hues, but this was not the outfit that she had been expecting. The hosts of the program rushed to make her feel better, but before long, Carol and her husband were set up for a fancy dinner together.

They were about to leave the studio when all of a sudden, they realized that their adventures have just begun. The next part of the story left Holly, who had been already worried about the outcome, in the state of panic. We would like you to check out the prank that turned out to be a success but left a trace in the hearts of everyone who participated in the challenge.

Willoughby went on to reassure the lady that she could change her look within minutes, and the duo went down to get into the waiting car to be taken for the beautiful date. This is when everything went down the drain, and we won’t spoil the surprise for the viewers unless they watch the video now. Check out the prank that almost went wrong due to the unexpected events!