Hilarious! Golden Retriever Takes His Fluffy Friend On a Sleigh Ride.


This video made my day!

Today you will see an awesome video. Two friends have fun in the snow. Cat and the Golden Retriever. The dog of this breed is a wonderful companion and loyal friend of a person who is very attached to his owner and family. Despite the fact that a dog can live with one person, and be an assistant for people with disabilities, be a guide dog, nevertheless, this particular type of retriever is focused on family life.

Moreover, the size of the family does not matter – small or large, it does not matter for the dog. She will equally serve each of the family members, giving her affection and love to both adults and children. In relations with relatives, one might say, with this breed, conflict situations are, in principle, impossible, they are so kind and sweet.

The Golden Retriever has a fairly high energy level and needs daily walks, exercise, and other activities. The dog loves to play, spend time with children – it is a wonderful nanny and a very patient companion for a child. It will probably be difficult to find at least one example of a golden retriever being aggressive or seriously injuring a child.

On the other hand, you should understand that this is a big dog, and if the child is too small, then the pet can accidentally knock your baby over simply due to the weight of its body. For this reason, children under six years old are not recommended to stay alone with large dogs. Even if it’s the kindest dog in the world.

They look for explosives, drugs, help people with disabilities, act as rescue dogs in search groups. A high level of intelligence, physical strength, kindness and courage allow these dogs to serve people in a wide variety of areas.

Watch the video below which shows that they are incredibly sociable and friendly. It doesn’t matter human or animal, they take care of everyone. Press the button and enjoy the content.