Hilarious Comedian Earns Golden Buzzer by Making BGT Judges Roll on the Floor Laughing. Watch


He was awesome!

There are comedians that capture our attention from the very start, and the contestant you are going to see next won the appreciation of the audience and Simon Cowell himself when he stepped on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent.

Although the talent shows are mostly known to be the programs, where the singing abilities of the contestants are praised the most, you will soon discover that humor and stand-up routines are indeed in high demand among the judges, who can’t get enough of this very special man. According to the news, Kojo Anim had been doing comedy for many years.

However, it took him some effort to overcome his anxiety in the first place and introduce his audition to the audience members, who began cheering for the contestant when they discovered that his jokes about finances and cab situation in Britain are indeed hilarious. Originally from Ghana, Kojo does not hesitate to dive straight into the problematic topics and touch the issues that would be considered too sensitive by other comedians.

This makes the viewers fall in love with him from the very start and propels the comedian into the semi-finals with the help from Simon Cowell. Cowell has earlier confessed that he does not like the comedians on the show very much simply because they do not have the ability to connect with the viewers and establish the bond with the judges, but tonight, he is going to make an exception for Kojo.

He loved the way the comedian overcame his initial nervousness and continued to charm the viewers with the stand-up routine that deserves to be watched again and again. This man is the representation of the golden comedy values, and we would like you to explore more of his audition below.

It is his stage presence that makes Kojo stand out among the others, and we think that the Golden Buzzer that has been given to him by Simon Cowell will help the performer in the future. He is already receiving recognition on the national level, and this is the reason we are watching him on repeat.