High School Wrestler Stuns the Crowd as He Performs National Anthem When No One Else Will. Watch


Great job, man!

Isaac Bryant could be mistaken for a typical high school student who is struggling to combine his social life with sports and his passion for wrestling. However, he had a chance to discover that he can be a celebrity on the media channels when the video of him singing the National Anthem was posted on YouTube and gained the appreciation of the audience.

Originally from Ohio, the young man was in the middle of the preparation for the wrestling match, when one of the announcers approached their team, saying they had technical issues with the music and the connection could hardly be restored. The manager of the event shared his trouble over the loudspeaker, adding that the volunteers are welcome to participate and belt out the words of the composition to save the day.

Bryant was taking a nap at the time and did not hear an announcement. It was his friend who told him that the team was looking for someone who can step up and improve the opening of the games by being there and singing the National Anthem.

Isaac’s friends knew that this young man has an impressive vocal range, that’s why they did not hesitate to invite him for a rendition of the month. The teachers from the local high school and other students, who had been present at the event, were blown away by the powerhouse vocalist who showed everyone what it means to leave it all out in front of the viewers.

Although Isaac was worried about the outcome and still felt a little confused after the nap that he had been taking, he plucked up his courage for a rendition that gained him many views on the social media. He was surprised when his friends told him that he made a sensation and turned into a true star overnight.

This was definitely a blast for the young performer, who did not hesitate to step up to become the hero of the day. Now, the whole country is talking about the rendition that is definitely worth watching. This is a patriotic display that cannot be missed by the fans, and we are already waiting for the next performance from the star on the rise!