Here Are 13 Facts About Dancing You Definitely Don’t Know


Amazing and very interesting facts!

Nowadays it will be quite difficult to find a person who doesn’t like to dance. Dance can cheer up and it is also an integral part of any party. Dance brings people together and give new emotions and feelings.

Today you will learn some interesting facts about dancing. Of course, you could already read some of them somewhere, or you might know. If not, I think this information will be interesting to you. How many things you know about dancing? Let’s see below.

1. The word “dance” came to us from German.

2. From ancient times people depict dancers on many banknotes and coins.

3. Officially, international dance day is celebrated on April 29th.

4. In Stockholm there is a Dance Museum which was opened in 1953. You can visit it anytime.

5. The largest dance hall in all of Europe is located in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia

6. In Greece, the most popular dance is called Sirtaki. Little known fact! This dance was invented in 1964 during the film shooting “Zorba The Greek”. The authors of this dance is an American actor Anthony Quinn.

7. In Italy there is a dance called Tarantella. It was founded in a place where many tarantulas live. Italians say that the movement of this dance could save a person whose was bitten by spider. If you were bitten, dance!

8. Dance Polka born in the Czech Republic, not in Poland, as many people think.

9. In Poland a famous dance Polonaise was born, it is very solemn and incredibly beautiful.

10. The Indian dancer Kalamandalam Hemalatha got into the Guinness Book of Records! She danced without interruption for 123 hours 15 minutes. Crazy!

11. First break-dance appeared in the USA in the 70s of the last century. He was recognized as a sport and included in the program of the Olympic Games.

12. Ballet is the most traumatic type of dance art.

13. Often the career of professional dancers ends no later than 35 years. Dancing is very traumatic thing and the body load is incredibly high.