Harry Styles Joins Phoebe Waller-Bridge In The “Treat People With Kindness” Dancing Video


This video shares love and kindness.

British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, best known for her film Fleabag, starred in Harry Styles’s new music video for the song Treat People With Kindness. The video appeared on the Web on January 1. According to director Gabe Turner, the video was filmed even before the pandemic began in early 2020, but it was only released now. The song “Treat People With Kindness” is of Styles’ second studio album Fine Line, which was released in December 2019.

Earlier it was reported that the musician is now busy filming the thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” directed by Olivia Wilde. Here are some interesting facts about Harry! First – he is handsome! Joking. Let’s go! To prevent his mental health, Harry meditates twice a day. “Meditation has changed my life, but very subtly.

She helped me learn to live in the moment. I enjoy what is happening right in front of me. Even if I just eat, drink coffee, chat with friends. Meditation brings silence, which I think is really good for my mental health. ” Harry first appeared on stage as a church mouse. “I was a kid and I had to wear pantyhose for the role.

I remember it seemed crazy to me to put on tights. Maybe from that moment it all started! ” He believes that the years at One Direction shaped who he is today. “I think the typical thing is to leave a group like this and almost feel like you have to apologize for being in it. But I loved this time. All this was new to me, and I tried to learn as much as possible.

I wanted to absorb everything. I think that’s why I like to travel now – because there is an opportunity to absorb a lot of things. ” Harry’s dream is to move to Tokyo. “There is a respect and a quietness, a calmness in this country that I really appreciated every time I was there.” Harry suffered from stage fright early in his career.

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