Handsome Men Line Up on Stage to Blow the Crowd Away with Powerful Rendition of Whitney Houston’s Hit


Incredible voices!

Il Divo is a singing band that is known for their classic, elegant style and the performances that instantly capture the attention of the audience. The members of the group are often praised for their model looks and the ability to channel their voices in a way that takes their singing on the next level.

Though the composition below was recorded several years ago, it still remains a sensation. You won’t be able to get enough of the hit that is presented by the group. The cover of “I Will Always Love You” has earned them the appreciation of the public, and it is now easier to understand why so many people seem to be stunned with the renditions that the group is presenting to the fans.

The quartet of equally stunning vocalists had been destined for success. When they first appeared in front of the public, we knew that we would be delighted to watch them again and again. The band had been created when one of the judges on the talent show, Simon Cowell, noticed how amazing they look and sound together.

He decided to promote the brand that is Il Divo and give them a chance to receive worldwide recognition. Before long, the performers had already been praised by the world community. They are also known for the ability to combine opera music with classic songs. The band says that their mission is to get people interested in the mix between the genres.

It is not uncommon for the fans to shower the singers with compliments, but when it comes to Il Divo and their renditions, we have to say that these guys are on another level. The emblematic covers are winning them fame again and again. They have been charming the fans for years now, and we understand why Simon noticed the group in the first place.

Watch them below and prepare to be stunned by the rendition. The band members introduce a special take on the composition that is loved by millions, and you should not miss the cover below. Press play and immerse in the world of music that is presented by the wonderful band that has fans across the country!