Golden Retriever Meets His New 8-week-old Sister And It’s Too Sweetness Overload


They both are adorable.

Hello my dear friends! Today we want to share with you a very funny video that will certainly cheer you up. In this video you will see how an adult Golden Retriever named Boomer meets his new little sister. This moment is exciting for both parties as a new animal in the house is always an adventure. A few interesting facts about the golden retriever. What can be said about the breed?

Golden Retriever is one of the most widespread breeds in the world, such a dog will become a wonderful companion and faithful friend, will give you a lot of joy and positive emotions for your family. The very name of the breed “Retriever” comes from the English word retrieve, which means “to bring, serve”, this indicates the original purpose of the retriever – hunting.

The hunting breed of retrievers originated in the UK. This is a harmonious and strong dog with an obedient disposition and calm temperament. The Golden Retriever is a very sociable and loyal pet, it is perfect for a family, will get along with children and get along with other pets. Representatives of this breed are not aggressive, proper education will help your pet to understand that he will always be surrounded by attention and care.

In general, retrievers love to spend their free time with people, they are very hard going through the forced separation from their beloved owners. The Golden Retriever cannot be called a natural-born guard or watchman, it just so happened that when forming the breed, the hunting qualities of the dog and its devotion to people were at the forefront.

The Golden Retriever will bark at strangers, but does not show excessive aggression, he would rather make friends with the owner’s guests than be suspicious. Retrievers are very energetic dogs, and not only puppies, but also adults love to play. They love all kinds of balls, bring sticks, swim, while playing in the water is also an expression of their hunting instincts. It is a pleasure to train such pets, they are smart, obedient, quickly grasp new information and are always happy to please their beloved owner.

Let’s watch the adorable video below.