George Jones Touches the Soul With “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”


Another fine example of the musical talent of Mr. George Jones.

Music attracts everyone with its sounds. The wonderful phenomenon of music accompanies us since childhood. It is safe to say that there is no person in the world who has never been touched by music in his life. Music really affects the state of our body. Our heart adjusts to the rhythm of the music we listen to.

Our consciousness and music mutually influence each other. The direction of music you prefer reflects your perception of the world around you and yourself. People tend to have a better attitude to familiar music. The so-called “recognition effect” suggests that we prefer the songs we have ever heard.

In other words, you like a track not because it’s good, but because you’re already familiar with it. Great people sometimes seem very strange to us. The famous composer Beethoven did not know how to multiply. He also dipped his head in a bowl of very cold water before composing music. Don’t like the remix on your favorite track?

It’s not that it’s poorly built. Studies have shown that we prefer original versions of songs not because they are better, but because we heard them first (researchers forced people to rate the same song twice, and they always chose the first version, even if there were no changes).

The life of rock stars is extremely interesting – but also very tragic. An Australian study has shown that rock stars do, for the most part, die young. They usually leave this world twenty-five years earlier than the average person.

One of the best musicians ever is George Jones. He had the unusual voice and won million hearts on the planet. In 1975, his marriage broke up from the country-diva Tammy Wynette, who in her memoirs mentioned how she was forced to hide from her husband the keys to his cars so that he could not get to the nearest bar.

Let’s remember this amazing singer.