Funny Teacher Micky Will Give You Belly Laughs with His Hilarious Performance on BGT Stage.


I love this guy!

Micky Kerr is a comedian from Leeds, who made an impression on the judges the second he walked on the stage оf the talent show in Britain. This guy knows that everybody is watching him, that’s why he makes sure that his jokes are the best. Yоu are going tо be watching this scene оn repeat, and we think that you should get ready for some serious belly laughs.

During the first audition, the man managed to blow everyone away with his song about the grocery bag, but now, he is ready to impress the judges even more. Micky says that he has chosen to work as a primary teacher, but stand-up comedy still remains one of his biggest passions. Today, he is wowing the judges with his dialogue between two sheep.

We can’t deny that this man has originality that needs to be noticed by the audience. Micky is no stranger to the world of public performances. He has been named a runner-up of the Musical Comedy Awards two years ago, but that is only a part of his achievements up to this day.

The comedian confesses that people often expect him to treat them with the jokes that they are used to, and do not often realize that he has a program of his own. We would like you to check out the special audition below and decide whether this is your cup of tea.

Of course, the man is a genius in everything that he is doing, but today, he surpasses the expectations once again. The contestant told the reporters that he has been asked to join the show several times in a row, but declined the offer due to his full-time job.

Right now, however, he is ready to take over the stage once again, and we are glad to witness him coming out in front of the crowd. Micky Kerr jokingly admits that it is the matter of cash that made him so willing to take part in the show.

The following number is full of quirky jokes, and we guess that you will be watching the funny footage with bated breath. Though Micky is not a traditional performer by all means, he still manages to create a show that will be loved by everyone around him. According to the information, provided by the performer, he has been engaged in comedy writing since he was a student.

However, he did not have a chance to gain a large audience until he discovered the privilege of taking part in the show Britain’s Got Talent. The man appears on the scene with the traditional guitar in hand, and we are already swooning at the sight of this talent, who knows how to charm the crowd at first sight.

He sings a song that makes the public roll on the floor with laughter, and it is impossible to resist the charms of this talented guy. Prepare to be smitten by the routine and get ready for a surprise in the middle of the performance. Micky is the unusual contestant that can blow us away with the power of his humor, and the reaction of the judges says it all. Watch him today and don’t forget to smile.