Flight Attendant Sings “You Raise Me Up” to Mother of Fallen Officer During Flight. So Touching!


How wonderful!

An employee from Southwest Airlines moved the passengers with the rendition of “You Raise Me Up” that was performed over the loudspeaker. This was an act of honor in memory of the fallen trooper, and it made the passengers on board silent for a few minutes as they paid their tribute to the person who fought for the country.

When the employees of the company found out that the soldier’s mom was on board of the plane, they knew that they had to show the act of kindness to her in an instant. This was an impromptu decision, and yet, the rendition turned out to be fantastic. You will be delighted to discover it below, and we think that you need to check out the reaction of the public, sitting there inattention to the words of the song.

They were speechless when they witnessed the employee of the company appearing right in front of them to belt out the words of the song. You may have heard about the passengers reacting to the crew being comical about the flight, but this was not a time to be hilarious, so the footage went viral as soon as it was posted on the media.

The emotionally charged performance will go straight to your heart, and this is the sign of respect that you just can’t miss. The following video has been discussed in the news, and you will agree that it is one of a kind the second you see it below. It reminds us of the time when we need to pay the utmost attention to the lyrics due to their deep meaning.

Although the rendition was completely improvised, it added the sentimental value to the cover that has been commented on the social media. The rendition has been hitting all the right notes, and the singer was soon recognized by his colleagues while being praised for the effort he took to step forward and show his respect.

The viewers were wowed the second they saw the crooner doing his best while performing the cover. The veterans across the world are already cheering for the man who decided to make a difference with the cover that will move you at once!