Find the Difference. 10 Children Who Look Exactly Like the Parents.


Mother nature can do everything!

Check out 10 photos where celebrity children look exactly like their parents. All young parents and relatives of the family are very concerned about who the child looks like in the first time after the birth. Some see in him more features of the father, others of the mother.

But newborns change quickly, so the final resemblance to a parent is manifested only in more or less adulthood. Throughout this process of forming a new person, the older members of the family do not tire of looking for answers to the question of why the baby has absorbed so many traits of one and not the other parent.

Each parent passes on half of their genes to their child. But the father’s genes are more aggressive than the mother’s, so they often become dominant. Although the structure of the jaw and the shape of the teeth can be passed on to both parents, the father is responsible for the health of the teeth.

The sons takes the intellect to their mothers. Daughters inherit the mind from both dad and mom. But only 40% of intelligence is passed on genetically, the other 60% – depends on education and training. So no matter how smart parents are, if their children do not develop, their intelligence will be appropriate.

There is no single gene responsible for a sense of humor. Moreover, even the presence of a certain genetic sequence will not cause it to appear. Simply because it is not only a genetic but also a social phenomenon.

However, children whose parents knew how to joke well are more likely to learn this too. Dark hair is the dominant gene. Only in rare cases, the color and texture of the child’s hair will not match the father. The ability to draw, dance, music, sports, as well as taste and color preferences are inherited.

Talent can be inherited, but it still needs to be developed. And genius, passionate parents often have very little time for children.