How to manage your finances


Everyone should be able to properly distribute their finances and manage them.

The main thing is to have clear goals and understanding of the desires.
In this article I will tell you, how I manage my own finances.
When you set a goal (for example: buy a car) you do your job better. When there is no incentive and motivation, you even do not have any desire to do something.

•The first thing, that I always do is saving of money (primarily, on utilities ).
I don’t buy expensive things (I dress in budget shops, which are not worse ), I don’t go to restaurants (I buy food and cook it by myself), I don’t use the gym(I have workouts at home).

•I always have a shopping plan for a month. I did this list in order to understand how much money I will have to spend for necessary things this month.

•Every month I deposit money (30% of my salary) into the bank account at interest. I spent about two weeks for searching of the perfect conditions for opening of the bank account.

•I opened my online-store and it helps to increase my income.

•I don’t take loans! I think it’s better to work longer than giving money with a percentage to someone.

•Consumptions. At the end of each week, I summarize my expenses. I analyze what was superfluous.

•Here is Important thing is set goals for the future, that you could have a clear plan (how much you need to earn and what needs to be fixed in the income)

•Many people advise, that you should invest. That this is the only one option for achievement of financial independence. This is the right advice, but you don’t have to go too far with it and you need to approach VERY careful.
So, do you want managing your finances very well, then you must remember three basic rules:

1. Plan your budget in advance for a month.
2. Save money regularly.
3. Track expenses.

Lets summarize. Management always starts with accounting. The fact of paying attention to a problem is an incentive to improve the situation. As soon as you start counting expenses, they automatically begin to decline.