English Bulldog Puppy Can’t Contain His Happiness When Gets a New Bed. Have a Look.


He is so happy!

Many people with the words: ‘I want a dog!’ take a pet. However, do not forget that the dog – it’s not a new computer or TV, which turned off – and forgot. Home pet, in contrast to the ‘electronic friend’, requires constant attention, care, as well as training and education. The dog, especially the puppy, will not sit quietly in the corner, and wait until you watch your favorite TV series or play enough computer games.

Are you sure that you are ready to become responsible for the life of a living being and show maximum patience and endurance? After all, getting a dog is a big responsibility. Are you ready to devote your dog at least 2 hours of free time per day to not just walk around her, and also communicate with her as a friend, and play like a child?

In addition, dogs sometimes get sick and they need to be treated: show the doctor, give medicines, etc. It does not matter what breed your dog is: ‘noble blood’ or a simple mongrel picked up on the street – in any case, she needs to get vaccinated, buy food, shampoo, toys and accessories, and this all needs money.

If a dog appears in your house, then he must have his own place – a cozy corner where he can relax after a walk, chew his favorite toy or just be alone. And this does not depend on whether the pet is allowed to lie on the couch or sleep with the owner in bed. Remember, no matter how hard you try to humanize your four-legged friend, the dog should have a place, and the place must be inviolable.

If earlier as a definition of the personal place was used the so-called ‘rug’, ‘mat’ or ‘mattress’ – a piece of an old blanket, a blanket, a pillowcase filled with foam rubber, recently dog beds are very popular. They are durable and have a pretty attractive appearance.

Today for our four-legged friends there is a huge selection of furniture – even the most capricious owner will definitely look after something. I’m sure your pet will appreciate this gift. After watching the next video, it seems that this dog will cheer anyone who sees him in everyday life.

The thing is that the doggie, a French Bulldog Chunk, was presented not so long ago with a soft, colorful and large memory foam bed. It turned out that this is the case when the expression ‘can’t find a place’ can be used in a positive way. The dog frolics on the bed, as if he never saw such luxury. Check it out. English Bulldog fully justifies the title of the companion.

In his character, there is a devotion to the owner and the desire to be with him not only at home but also during travel. Rest on the couch next to the owner after a short walk is the favorite pastime of this breed. Despite the formidable look, in the soul, it is a very affectionate sweet and friendly dog. But by nature, this independent creature has a huge power, balanced and self-confident.