Energetic Couple Hit the Dance Floor on BGT with Joyful Jive. Have a Look


They made me smile!

David and Marg do not always have time for their favorite hobby, but when they appear on the screen, they win everyone over with their enthusiasm. This magnificent couple makes sure that the viewers fall in love with them when they appear on Britain’s Got Talent. They are trading on the market during the day, but when the night comes, they can finally be who they want.

These people know how to charm us with the joyful dancing that they display in front of the public. The crowd is prepared for a slow dance that is going to unravel as the music starts playing, but the new grandparents show us that we should never underestimate people who have been practicing the Latin program for years now.

They are so charming that even the judges are taken aback by the performance that is happening this very minute. Although David confessed that he was not a big fan of dancing when his wife first suggested the idea, he soon fell in love with the choreography that he learned at the local school.

He told the press that his wife had always wanted to dance, so he decided to sign up for the course when she asked him to. She did not feel very well at the time, and the only way to get her out of the house was to sign her up for some kind of entertainment, which turned out to be the dancing program.

When David and Marg decided to visit their family, their children informed them about the talent competition that is held across the country. They also told their parents to enroll as soon as they can. The duo was skeptical at first, thinking they would not be able to compete with other people on the show and doubting their abilities as the time went by and competitors had been announced by the judges.

However, their family members convinced the spouses that this is a great chance to receive recognition and become famous, so they went for it. Dressed in a typical business, the duo changes the way they present themselves right in the middle of the dance, and everyone is wowed by what is happening right in front of them!