Ellen Asks Johnny Depp What Is the Favorite Part of His Body.


He’s so handsome!

The name of Johnny Depp is associated with many amazing, original and charismatic characters. Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow and many more incarnations that, thanks to Depp’s incredible talent, are gaining life and amaze the spectators.

As a talented actor, creative personality, Johnny Depp has gone through a thorny path, gaining fame and recognition. In life, the actor is no less charismatic, fun and interesting to the viewer. We put together the best collection of funny moments on the show with Johnny.

Johnny’s ability to elicit laughs from the fans without doing anything, in particular, is phenomenal, and though it is clear that we are already smitten by the actors as they appear on stage, they prove their status of big names in the industry when they start answering.

Ellen prepared a pretty challenging game for them, and the replies that you are going to witness after you press play are nothing short of hilarious. The star of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” appears on Graham Norton show to tell us about his unique experience with the Iggy Pop.

He was too drunk to meet Iggy Pop properly, so he decided that he would just get the singer’s attention at any cost and by all means. Depp’s hilarious way of sharing this story with the viewers makes it even funnier, and despite his monotonous, meditative manner, you can’t help but laugh every time he mentions that he received the exact backlash he deserved.

The audience is listening intently, and you can see that other guests on the show can’t wait to hear the end of this charming tale. You should love celebrities who are very frank in their personal lives and are not afraid of criticism.

Look at the fun moments with Johnny Depp below and smile with us!