Elephant Falls Asleep While Caretaker Is Singing Lullaby for Her in Adorable Footage. Watch.


So sweet!

Faamai may be a large elephant, but every time she hears her handler sing the lullaby for her, she immediately falls asleep. At first, it may seem that the animal cannot comprehend the sounds of music, but you will soon find out that going to sleep is Faamai’s favorite time of the day. She is residing at Save the Elephant Foundation, which is located in Thailand.

This facility was created to take care of the elephants that cannot live in the wild due to various reasons. The handlers are doing everything to make them happy, and we would like you to check out the footage below. Faamai is a sensitive animal, who values the sounds of music more than anything in the world.

She enjoys spending time with the caretaker Lek, and when she hears that the lady is singing a lullaby, the elephant acts just like a child, who has heard the sweet bedtime story. This video is already touching hearts of millions, and we think that Faamai has just become the hero of the day. Her manners are so charming that even those, who didn’t know anything about the cutie, want to learn more about Faamai’s personal story.

This elephant can make your day better with her mere presence, and if you think that the handler is singing the lullaby for the first time, you need to check out the footage again and again. This has become a ritual in the animal’s day, and you will be thrilled when you see her interacting with the lady in the most adorable way ever.

You will be laughing when you see the elephant pulling the lady in for a hug. She just wants to be closer with her best friend. Soon after this, the cutie gets down on the ground. It is clear that she wants to take a nap, but the cuddle session would not be complete without the usual performance.

You will definitely enjoy the contrast between the tiny caretaker and her companion. Faamai is a very affectionate animal, who will do anything to gain Lek’s attention, and you will melt from cuteness when you see them communicating with one another. They have immediately found a common language and formed a bond.

This is the reason Faamai trusts Lek more than anyone at the sanctuary. They have a touching relationship, and we think that it is time for you to discover the details of their friendship below. Lek is the runner of the animal park. She is also an experienced conversationalist, who has won many awards for her contribution to the animal research and rescue in Thailand.

She says that her mission is to make sure that elephants are happy and healthy. This committed professional has already been featured on the news. Her efforts were recognized by various world organizations, and below, you will see Lek interacting with one of her best friends at the sanctuary, who is preparing to take a nap. Watch the video now and enjoy the beautiful scene!