Elderly Couple Stuns the Crowd with Their Graceful Shag Dance Routine. Watch.


Simply amazing!

Now the popularity of dances is growing. Every day there are new styles of dances, new directions. The dance has amazing power, it charges you with positive energy, improves the physical and moral health of a person. The famous choreographer Maurice Bechart once said: “Dance is a way to achieve beauty, muscle and happiness.” This is the most accurate description of this beautiful art.

Any person can start to dance, and everyone finds something special for themselves. It is a wonderful and emotionally rich way to harmoniously develop and strengthen the body, its coordination, dexterity, correct the figure, get rid of many diseases and improve health.

The person who dances the pose becomes an imperial, gait-flying, and all movements-elegant and easy. In addition to purely physical advantages, classes at the dance school significantly change the character, the psychology of the person.

Dancing people are more open and communicative, because during training many psychological problems and complexes disappear. Sometimes the body language is much more appropriate and effective, especially when the person is powerless. “Dance is a language that the whole world understands.”

You can start dancing at any age! In Europe, various clubs for retired people, including dance ones, are very popular. At us this direction is less developed, but definitely deserves attention.

The enthusiasm for dances in old age is considered by doctors to be very useful, because dances are beneficial for both the physical and mental state of a person. Many health problems result from lack of movement, a passive lifestyle and a pessimistic attitude.

So can the dance be for you the universal medicine that will help your body recover?
Dancing is a pleasure for the body and soul, dancing — it benefits the whole body. Therefore, in our time, dance training in a dance school is so popular among young people and middle-aged people.

Here is an example of such a couple on the video below. Jay Rolings and Tobita Stewart are no longer young, but their dances will give odds to everyone at the Grand National Dance Championship!