Income WITHOUT stress. 25+ Ways


Every person dreams of being rich and at the same time do not do anything.

We want a lot of money and popularly. We are smart and it’s so easy to find the new passive income.
Nowadays, we can earn huge amounts of money without even doing anything. I will tell you about 25+ passive income sources for making money while you sleep.

1. Instagram and Facebook. It’s a very popular way to force up your income. People, who know how to manage of advertisement on these platforms, (you can learn it in a couple of days) get thousands of dollars.

2. Also, there is a very interesting thing in the Instagram. Electronic “masks”. For the manufacture of one such a thing (you can also learn it in two days) you will get approximately $ 400.

3. Online store. Create your own online store, find suppliers and sell.

4. Design your own online courses. Think about what can you give to people, what can you tell them and what will they get as a result.

5. Do you like to have workouts? This is a great opportunity to earn on this thing. Become a personal online trainer. Record your workouts on video and send it to people. Obviously, not for free.

6. A great option is to rent out an empty room / apartment / house on Airbnb. Airbnb is such a platform, where people rent and rent out different living spaces. It’s very convenient and profitable.

7. YouTube is really nice thing, that will bring you a huge amount of money, but at first you have to try a little. Record videos, upload, gain subscribers and start making money on advertising. That’s all!

8. If recording of videos on YouTube it’s not yours. Create your blog and talk about yourself, give people motivation and advices there. Paid subscription. Why not?

9. By the way, you can create an online store, but make your own product, so, this way you won’t use the services of a supplier.

10. Investments. By creating a big amount of high-yield shares, you will receive a source of regular passive income with an annual interest rate far exceeding the percentage of bank deposits.

11. A great way to passive income is to create an application (on any topic, which you want) and sell it.

12. Photography. There are several sites, that will provide you with a passive income opportunity. You will receive a percentage or a fixed rate for each photo sold to a site client.

13. Cash back. Everything is simple. You buy something and bank returns the percentage of the purchase.

14. Buy a blog. If you will capable to afford buying of a blog with a high level of income and subscribers, a passive income is provided to you then.

15. Draw some paintings and put them up to the sale (this is a temporary income).

16. Every small business needs a source of advice to support sales. Make a list of entrepreneurs, whose services you use regularly. Contact them and find out if they have a payment system for recommendations.

17. Passive partnership. You can become something like a short-term angel and provide capital to some company. But instead of giving credit to the owner of the company, ask for the proportion of share. In this case, the owner of the company will manage the work of the company, while you will be a passive partner, also participating in the business.

18. There are some applications, that allow you to earn money on games. You just play and earn. The easiest one.

19. Every day you check social networks and like photos. You can do it for a fee. There are applications that provide you with this opportunity.

20. Do you know a foreign language? Create your tests and publish it on your website (create your own website for teaching). Make the test paid. Everyone, who will pass the test badly, will want to take the teaching on your website.

21. It’s also for a person, who knows another language, create a language learning application or online dictionary.

22.If you are good at nutrition, you can become an online nutritionist and create individual nutrition list for girls.

23. Above we talked about the fact, that you can like photos and you will make a profit, there is the same system with comments. You will get information of what to write, then you write it and get your money.

24. How about recording music? You can record music and sell it.

25. Write an online book and put it up for sale.
+ all of the above, I wanted to say, that you can’t just sleep, do nothing and earn money while doing this. There must always be some kind of effort and action.

Work, Earn, Think, Create.