Dog Can’t Figure Out What Just Happened to “Lost” Snowball and His Reaction Is Priceless. Watch


So cute!

The dog loves winter, and when he comes out to have fun with the owner, he can’t believe that it is actually snowing. However, there is something that the pooch could not predict when he decided to start his own entertainment session outside.

It was snowing heavily the other day, and now, the lady thought that it would be great to play fetch with her beloved friend and companion. She used the special tactic to draw the pup’s attention, and when she understood that it’s really working, she offered him to play a game that was designed to make the pet happy.

By tossing a tiny snowball onto the ground, the owner gave her pooch a task that seems too demanding for the little one. He expected this to be the same kind of game that they have been playing earlier, but now, the owner has other plans for the pup.

She wants him to unravel the mysteries of the century and get her the snow that has just been thrown. The second it goes down, you can feel the little one panicking. He has never encountered anything like that before, and now, he has no choice other than to step forward and try to follow the lady’s command.

Although the dog certainly feels like he has been fooled by the owner, he manages to regain enough courage to be chasing the ball again and again. This scene caused a wave on the media when it was first posted on one of the social accounts and praised by all the viewers.

Most of the dog fans around the world, however, want to know if the pup has become an official part of the winter game once the first ordeal was over. This guy knows that he has to impress the public, that’s why he does his best to stand out among other pooches, who have recently discovered that December is here.

Although this furry ball surely needs someone to take care of him, he is way happier to do it in the snow. Watch the scene below and enjoy the episode that made hundreds across the country smile. The dog can’t really figure out what happened to the snowball, and that makes him a little nervous.