Disturbed Delivers Emotional Performance of ‘The Sound of Silence’. Absolute Perfection!


I’m in love with his voice!

Disturbed is the kind of group that can make any cover special. Although The Sound of Silence is a complicated melody that was first written for Simon & Garfunkel, you will soon realize that the band below takes the tune and presents a unique spin on it in a matter of seconds.

The performers come on the Conan show to display their vocal range and talent that will simply knock you off your feet. When you learn more about the composition, you will realize that the musicians did their best to make an impression on others. Prepare to be smitten by the melody that has already won the hearts of the fans around the world.

This may be the most watched video on the channel, and through the host had prepared the audience to meet the performers with a round of applause and give them the warm welcome, he certainly did not expect that the interpretation of the hit that is loved by thousands will gain so much praise on the media.

The fans showered the bands with compliments, which means that the tune was well-accepted the second it had been uploaded on the channel. This is the reason we are so blown away by the cover, and it is no wonder that it has more than 90 million views so far. The music experts add the blending of the vocals and the arrangement that is presented by the team really stand out among the others.

The leading singer introduces the combination of tones that are both high and low, and when you start watching the rendition that has drawn the audience members in, you realize that this is the kind of music that you have been waiting for. Though the performers confessed that they were certainly worried about the cover and the effect that it would make on the audience, we are here to tell you that this take on the composition deserves to be praised by the fans.

Prepare to explore the music video that made a true sensation among the lovers of good music. There is no doubt that the rendition is special in terms of the arrangement, and the band does their best to stand out among the others as they step into the spotlight and run the show!