Dancers Leave Shoppers Open-Mouthed with Amazing ‘Dirty Dancing’ Flash Mob. Have a Look



There are dances that are impossible to forget, and the following choreography is not an exception. The performers gathered in the center of Mexico City to remind us about the graceful movements that are supposed to accompany the dance that is the reenactment of the scene from the popular movie.

Though Dirty Dancing has become a legend for most of the viewers, there are still people who think that no one can compete with the original choreography and the technique that has been introduced in the movie. However, the couple that has decided to take part in the flash mob, can disagree with the popular opinion as they take the center stage at the square and charm the onlookers with their movements as they are gliding gracefully.

There is no way you can miss the powerful dance below. We believe that the performers have been practicing for months. Now, they have an opportunity to show us what they are capable of in a matter of seconds.

Some people are already taking out their phones to record everything that is going on in front of them, and others are standing there in open-mouthed awe. This is the reason we love the footage so much, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the powerhouse couple has already won our attention with the introduction to the dance that can lure millions to the screen.

Although the tape was recorded several years ago, it still remains a favorite one for most of the viewers, who cannot get enough of the legendary choreography and believe that they have the right to appreciate the performance that has been presented by the heroes of the day. You will be charmed the second you see them stepping into the spotlight, and the choice of the melody is simply perfect.

Immerse in the world of art together with the viewers and prepare to be smitten by the dance that has been surely appreciated by the locals. One should praise the choreography that has no rivals on the media and watches the flash mob taking place again and again. You will be delighted to discover the dance below!