Dad Cries Tears of Joy When Military Son Surprises Him at Work. See This Emotional Scene


So sweet!

Mason has been deployed in Afghanistan, but now, he is coming home and making his return truly meaningful for all his family members. This young man decided that he won’t be telling his nearest and dearest about his arrival.

He hugged his mom and sister behind the sister. Below, you will see the brave soldier exchanging greetings with his dad’s colleagues before he proceeds to the main office to approach his father on the spot. The man is at the meeting, when all of a sudden, he is interrupted by a knock on the door.

This turns out to be his beloved son, beaming as he enters the room and goes in for a huge hug. The woman behind the desk is so overjoyed that she can’t hide her feelings, and it takes a few minutes for the dad to get a hold on himself and remain in control of the emotions.

Military reunions have always made for wonderful videos, but Mason takes the game to the next level when he comes straight to dad’s work and greets his old man in the first place. Instead of choosing the traditional way and informing the family about the arrival, this creative young man decided to remain true to himself and invented a scheme that will take you by surprise.

Dad sports the same reaction when the doors of the office suddenly open to reveal his son, standing in front of him and smiling at the sight of his beloved parent. This is definitely a meeting for the books, and it is no wonder that the reunion has already gained millions of views.

People keep coming back for more because they know that Mason staged the meeting from the bottom of his heart and had sincere intentions throughout the whole encounter. His appearance is so unexpected that the audience is left gasping in awe, and if this is not enough to lift your mood for the entire week, we would like you to check out the footage right from the start.

Dad’s reaction is priceless. He is not capable of hiding his emotions, and we think that this is a great way to start your day with a smile. Mason outsmarted everyone with the clever plan, and you need to watch him hugging his dad. This is heartwarming!