Cop Was Captured While Singing “Shake it Off” By Taylor Swift In a Car.


He boosted my mood!

The profession of a policeman is one of the most important, responsible and even dangerous professions in the world. He must guard the public order, detaining offenders, conducting explanatory talks and, if necessary, resorting to more radical methods. Representatives of this profession follow the order in the streets, patrolling the territory and detaining people who violate the law, go to the crime scene.

The Police Department of Dover is famous for its employees, the team responsible, serious police officers who are always on guard for the order. The Dover Police Department regularly reviews their dashcam footage as part of procedure.

When they were scanning the record, they came across an interesting video with the officer Jeffrey Davis, a serious man with 20 years of experience in the police. And they decided to share this record with the public on their channel on YouTube.

The Police Department tells us that the tape is part of their new experiment, called the «Dash Cam Confessionals». The video below shows a man who rides in the car, patrols the streets, watches public order and enjoys “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. He does not complain when he goes about his daily tasks, and when he approaches a pedestrian, he can’t forget his professional duties.

Despite the responsibility of his work, he finds a free minute to entertain himself and us. The officer greets the citizens of the city, nods affectionately, waving at the men and women who follow their own path. This guy is a real hero. This video very quickly became viral, so it is likely that more than one episode will be released, which will be no less attractive and fun.

Unexpectedly, the policeman likes the songs of Taylor Swift, but you’ll be shocked when you see how he cute sings the words. On the Department’s page, they write that hoping that people will like this video and apologize to Taylor.

Watch the video below and we assure, it will really please you! We think that Taylor does not take offense and she also likes it.