Cool Cat Chills Out at Bank and Makes Our Day! Watch This Hilarious Footage



This cat follows his owner wherever he goes. It would suffice to say that the two are always a team, so you won’t be surprised when you witness the feline lounging at the nearest bank. No one comes close to the level of cool that the kitty is displaying on the screen.

This could be a usual trip, but the man made sure that everybody is watching them the second he enters the building. He leaves the cat overlooking the crowd and the events that happen later prove that felines are the unofficial favorites of the crowd.

The cat is so fashionable that you will pay attention to his style the second he appears before the viewers. According to the viewers, he can’t leave the little one alone even if he wanted to. This is the reason they are always together. The kitty seems to be excited about everything that is happening, and he is exploring his surroundings right on the spot.

He does not feel confused among the crowd, which is another reason the tape instantly becomes a success. The owner adds that he never expected his pet to become so popular. He is a laid-back individual with a sense of adventure that will immediately get you in the mood for more animal videos.

The tape was recorded in one of the banks in Brazil, and we think that this kitty might become a regular customer that attends the place every once in a while. Judging by the clip that was presented to the viewers, he is ready for all kinds of attention, and that might be another sign that cats rule the world.

Prepare to be blown away by the cutie and don’t forget to check out his manners. He is one of those animals that make a sensation on the media whenever they appear, and the more you watch them on the screen, the more you want him to become a real star.

Get ready to behold the wonderful feline who doesn’t care about the social norms. He is going to stay where he is and watch the people that come near. This is the episode we needed to put a smile on our faces. Chilling out at the bank can be really enticing, and this guy becomes the king of the place as soon as he appears!