Chrissy Metz Made Her Grand Ole Opry Debut And It’s Beautiful.


Chrissy Metz has a very beautiful voice, nice original songs!

“This is Us” is an amazing American dramatic TV series that have already won a million hearts all over the planet. It’s about family and problems, love and betrayal, it is about everything that surround us in this world. It’s about life. This series are incredibly interesting and the cast is fantastic!

One of the main characters of the show is famous actress Chrissy Metz! Of course, Chrissy has to be completely and utterly cool with who she is, because she is absolutely stunning. She’s smart, sweet, funny and talented, and oh yes, she’s starring in a new favorite show. If this is not surprising, then what is?

But since she’s a big actress, people wonder if that means she can relate to Kate’s weight loss story. She certainly can and has said in several interviews that she is growing up, she has problems with overeating and hunger, and that it is difficult to be sure who she is. But today, she is absolutely confident and good with who she is and no, she is not trying to lose any weight. So she’s different from Kate.

But who says she has to lose weight? Because society speaks? So clumsy. It’s amazing that she is who she is. Again, thanks to an interview with, we know that Chrissy helped her sister more than when she was discovered as a future actress. It’s funny how this can happen and how it works.

She was a member of the school choir and was always super-artistic, which is not a surprise, because, of course, we were waiting for her beautiful singing voice in the recent episode It’s Us. Things have taken full shape in life, and that’s exactly what happened to Chris.

She may never have known that one day she would star in a hit show, and, oh, yes, she would also be able to show off her wonderful singing voice. She said she dreamed of being a part of musical theater back in high school, and now she definitely has at least a little taste in this episode, which is pretty cool.

Watch her amazing debut on the stage of Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry.