China’s Village of Real-Life Rapunzels Will Blow Your Mind! Unbelievable!


Gorgeous hair!

If you thought that Rapunzel was only in a fairy tale, then you did not see these Chinese women. Here, the women of the Yao ethnic groups really will surprise you with their hair. In China there is a whole community of girls whose hair is worthy of respect and attention. In the village there are about 60 women, whose hair reaches a length of one meter, and one woman has hair more than two meters long.

Their hair is black, like charcoal, and gray hair does not appear until 80 years. The secret is that they wash their heads in the river, using sticky water with rice. Maybe this is the best recipe for strength and silky hair? This is the secret not only of village women, but also princesses of the east.

For the beautiful half of Red Yao hair has always been a matter of special concern. In Huangluo hair was so sacred that to see them loose could only husband or children of their owner. Hair demonstration in public places was banned.

If a foreigner accidentally saw them, he should have been in the house of this woman for three years as a son-in-law. To attract a flow of tourists this rule was abolished in 1980. Today in a village where about 400 people live, almost every day you can see how local women sing and dance for tourists, showing them their luxurious braids.

Similarly, they earn more than $300 a month. Women tend to cut their hair only once, on their 18th birthday. This means that the girl has grown up and is ready to marry. They decorate the daily hairdo consisting of three tufts: her hair before the wedding, her real hair and a bun made from the fallen hair that she collects every day during daily grooming. All three bundles are rolled into an original hairstyle.

On the hair, you can determine the social status of its owner. For example, if the hair is twisted on the head in a “bagel”, then it means that the woman is married, but has no children. If a woman completely hides her hair under a handkerchief, it means that she is looking for a husband who will be the only person who has had the opportunity to see her hair in all its glory.

Look at these long-haired beauties, they will tell you about the secrets of hair beauty in the video below.