Chimbey, This Senior Pit Bull Proves That Love and Care Can Heal Anything


My heart is full of love now.

Hello, my dear friends! Are you ready for another moving story? Today you will witness an incredible story that will win your heart to the very depths. This is a story about an old pit bull who lost all hope but found it when he had a new family. We are always surprised by the case when animals are abandoned to the mercy of fate. They are our smaller brothers and we must take care of them. We are responsible for those whom we have tamed. This is an incredibly kind creature that deserves to be treated appropriately out of respect.

Here are some interesting facts about this wonderful breed. They are widely used as therapy dogs and are excellent at both nursing home visits and people with PTSD. Pit Bull Terriers are rated by wonderful dogs who do therapy. Pits take part in different searches and rescue operations.

The most famous across America are Chris Crawford and her dogs. Chris and her dogs have helped save many lives. Pit bulls are looking for many kind of drugs and dangerous explosives. Pit Bull Terriers get along well with children. They would not be called “nanny dogs” if it were not true. They are very kind towards humans. This is one of the breed characteristics. They are gentle and loving dogs.

But, as with any dog, some individuals may be insecure or have behavioral problems. In the early 20th century they became so popular that it became America’s mascot not only in World War I, but also in World War II. Their images appeared on recruiting posters during this time period. Well, my dear friends, it’s time to watch the video that we have prepared for you.

Press a button and watch the touching story that you can hardly forget. This dog shows us that love can heal anything. A loving family that gives hope and supports you this is always what people and animals needed.