Chihuahua Fondue Enjoys Her Head Massage. Watch the Tape.


Frankly speaking I’m jealous!

Dogs of small breeds are not easy. Just imagine, they are dressed in special clothes that they do not like. Animals are not used to wearing clothes. But these breeds have no choice, otherwise they will simply freeze during a walk. In addition, these girls get more girls as an accessory than as a pet.

Therefore, they carry them everywhere, even to places where they have no place at all. Journalist Anna Godunova from Perova, Russia leads a video blog of her dog – a Chihuahua named Fondue. She shoots videos about how he dresses up his favorite, walks with her, bathes, feeds. Fondue became a real star: now she has more than 1,000 subscribers on “Youtube”, and video clips – hundreds of thousands of views.

Usually chihuahuas are like rats, and Fondu has a so-called “baby face”, says the hostess. “This means that she will look like a puppy until she is old.” Passers-by on the street are touched when they see this dog. Especially it is loved by pensioners and children. Especially for children, Anna, together with her young man Alex, created a channel for “Youtube.”

“We did not expect the channel to become so popular,” Anna admits. – We did not specially promote it and did not advertise it. In addition, Fondue is an actress with experience. She was shot in two promo-commercials for the channel “STS” – to the films “The Fifth Element” and “Super Dog”.

Particularly interesting was the second video – she was dressed in a red raincoat, which swelled in the wind. During the installation, Fondue was framed in the film scenes as if she were a Super Dog girl. And recently a video was published, in which the moment of massage of the body for Fondue was imprinted with the help of a massage stick for the person’s head.

But the most interesting video is not the massage, but her reaction to it. It is clear how the dogs like this massage very much, she closes her eyes with pleasure and does not show off.

Look at this little actress on video below, she touches you!