Check Out New Song With Lyle Lovett, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Willie Nelson


Great artists together in one masterpiece!

Hello my dear friends! Do you want to listen to something cool and really awesome? So, you’ll have to watch that video of if exactly to say to listen to that song in the video below. You may not know about Matt Rollings but he is really good piano player n the music industry and he’s incredibly talented.

He is the producer who has a Grammy award and now he releases his new album, including famous singers like Vince Gill, bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss and incredible Willie Nelson. His album called “Mosaic, in August” and it consist from original songs like “Accentuate the Positive.” by johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers.

You will hear amazing and unique covers of famous songs. Also he involved such famous performers like Lyle Lovett and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott to record the song called “That Lucky Old Sun. It is so warm and comforting with the voice of Willie Nelson and Jack. Willie Nelson plays guitar and the Rowling’s plays the piano.

Sounds absolutely fantastic! One of the most famous and best version of this song made Frankie Laine. Mercury Records realized that record as catalog number 5316. It was on the top of the Billboard chart for 22 weeks! Who also made the cover: amazing Bob and Alf Pearson, the year 1949, gorgeous Aretha Franklin, Amazing Bill Medley made a single in 1967 and later he released it on The Righteous Brothers album.

Famous singer Bob Dylan made his version Frank Sinatra covers album. and many others. The player said that he admired the version of that song by Louis Armstrong recorded in 1949 and he has also always wanted to recorded it. Well the whole album actually sounds really fantastic and when you listen to it you relax and you feel quiet and peace. This is what we need nowadays!

So let’s push the button and enjoy the real masterpiece of music!