Charley Pride’s Son Dion Shows Musical Talent And Sings “One More Night” in a Touching Way


Wonderful musician with a beautiful personality.

Country music originates from the folk music of the white rural population of the southern and western United States. It is based on song and dance tunes from different peoples of Europe, and while the country has a clear trace of the Anglo-Celtic musical tradition, this style has absorbed all the best that immigrants brought to America from everywhere.

In particular, this is reflected in which instruments have become the most characteristic of the country – a variety of plucked strings (guitar, mandolin, banjo), folk violin-fiddle, harmonica, and so on.

The eternal themes of love, devotion, friendship, endurance, personal or national misfortune are inherent in the music of many nations, and they permeate country music – and fun dance compositions and long ballads touch the strings of listeners and resonate with their inner experiences.

And this is probably the main reason for the general love for this style. Country stands out as a musical style in the early 20th century. Over its century-long history of presence in the music industry, it has evolved from a rural holiday music to a full-fledged musical direction that has had a significant impact on other musical styles and genres, including rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, and more.

If you listen to music during training, the duration ratio increases by 20 percent. Recently, exercise playlists have been created, usually fast, rhythmic music that is gaining momentum and forcing the body’s movements to synchronize with the musical beat. Music is much closer than we think, because it is in our body and it’s not metaphorical.

Many people know the fact that classical music has a positive effect on us, because it helps to concentrate and calm down. America has the highest percentage of personal disasters, suicides and divorces for those who are fans of country music.

We love this style and we love many artists. Let’s listen to Charlie Pride’s son. His name is Dion.