Celebrity Kids and Theirs Legendary Parents at the Same Age.


Everyone looks gorgeous.

The baby hasn’t yet been born but the family is already wondering who the child will look like? And the mother thinks: who will my child look like? How genetics affects a child’s appearance and personality and what is inherited, read on below please. How to find out who the child will look like?

You’ve probably imagined your baby’s appearance more than once during pregnancy, thinking about who she or he will look like. Will she be as tall as a me? Will her hair be curly like yours? Or maybe she will inherit her grandfather’s sense of humor?

If the determination of a child’s eye color was influenced by only one pair of genes, there would be only three colors: blue, green and brown. But there is a whole palette of shades of the human eye. The color of a child’s eyes is determined by the amount of melanin (brown pigment) in the iris. In dark eyes, its number is large, in blue – small, in the eyes of green and brown – different.

It is even possible that blue-eyed parents will give birth to a child with brown eyes. Facial and body features: Characteristics such as dimples, bald spots or symmetry of the eyebrows (for example, one eyebrow above the other) are considered dominant and vary from generation to generation.

But the shape of the palms, fingers, plus such unusual things as swirls on the hair, are often observed in all generations. To estimate growth, determine the average height of mom and dad. Then add a centimeter for a boy, or subtract a centimeter for a girl. If your height is 158 cm, and the height of a man is 164 cm, then the average for a child will be a mark of 161 cm. Thus, the height of your son will be somewhere 162 cm, and daughters – 159 cm.

Of course, such an unpredictable science as genetics does not tolerate such rough measurements. So it is likely that your child will be a head taller than the one of the two of you, or a head lower than the one below. And how similar are our celebrities and their children?