Carol Burnett Is 84 Today! Let’s Celebrate It by Watching the Epic Tim Conway’s Elephant Story


The funniest show ever!

Tim Conway is known for his humorous sketches and outtakes that capture the attention of the audience, but this video stands out among the others due to the overwhelming popularity of a hilarious scene that features the performer interrupting the talk of his colleagues.

He won’t allow the performance to continue until he presents his own story, and when you realize that this man is not going to stop, you will be laughing out loud together with the viewers. Below, you will see the episode of the Carol Burnett Show, where the incomparable artist does his best to deliver the lines with the straight-faced expression and the determination to make everyone crack up in a matter of seconds.

The scene that is a part of Mama’s Family sketch unravels when Tim continues to ramble about the life of the circus elephants and the rumors that have been going around the place. The sketch wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t for the manner of the delivery Conway is famous for.

His smooth voice and expressionless approach to the entire conversation turn the video into the masterpiece of comedy, and it is impossible to maintain a serious face while watching this. The colleagues of the performer are trying to remain calm, but they soon understand that this is a real challenge, since the story about the elephant goes on and on.

This is the kind of sketch that we had been waiting for and the high-quality humor that will convince you that Conway is one of the best artists in the genre. He delivers the lines with the expression that is nothing short of extraordinary, and you will be smiling when you see the reaction of the performers that are sitting next to him.

They can’t believe that he is doing it for real. we agree with the viewers, claiming that the sketch deserves to go down in history due to the memorable dialogue and the comedy building setup that made the scene complete without effort. Press play and enjoy the puns that are intended to make the viewers laugh. This is indeed hilarious, and we can’t get enough of the footage!