Carol Burnett and Other Family Members Visit Tommy Smothers in Hospital and Make Us Roll on the Floor Laughing


I love this show!

The Carol Burnett Show is a sketch show that was popular in American back in the 1970s. It features Carol and friends, staging hilarious situations for everyone to enjoy. The sketches are so funny that you will be rolling on the floor with the laughter the second you see the episode below.

There have been many guest actors, invited to take part in the comedy performance, and it is known that Tom Smothers has become a regular part of the show after the producers learned about the crowd’s fascination with his comic abilities.

Today, you will have a chance to witness one of the most renowned sketches from the show. Though the plot of the story is simple, it nevertheless makes the audience come back to the sketch again and again. The episode’s opening scene centers around a patient, who is waiting for his turn to be taken care of at the hospital.

He is slightly nervous, and when the doctor announces that he has to pull himself together, the guy does not seem convinced. Even more laughs ensue when the specialist informs the man about his sister, waiting to visit him. She is standing in the hall, not sure whether she will be welcome here.

Despite the numerous protests that are voiced by the patient, the doctor proceeds to invite the visitor to see her brother. She starts off by telling him that he looks good for a guy, who is going to experience pain in a few hours. This is certainly a weird way to express affection and support.

The viewers realize why the man is so angry when the doctor announces the lady’s arrival. The whole sketch is built around Eunice’s brother and the way his family treats him. Instead of getting the backup that he needs, he is forced to watch the actions of his relatives and their “caring” manners.

The specialist is running errands, and this time, Tom Smothers has to deal with the family members on his own. This sketch will make you laugh in an instant, and we are waiting for the next episode of the show to be featured on the media. The lines from the performance are hilarious, and the actors do their best to put a smile on your face!