Why do we need to save our money? Every person have different financial situation and despite this, everyone has to economize.

Saving is not difficult, but you need to be capable to do it. Economy in simple things will make you a profit.
I will tell you about 10 ways to save your money and budget at all.

1. There is the best thing, that will help you firstly with planning of your own budget. Create the schedule and hang it on the fridge. Every morning you will see the amount of money which you can spend today. As the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan said: “Balancing the budget is a little like protecting your virtue: You just have to learn to say ‘no.'”

2. Golden Rule: “Earn more, spend less.” Work more than for 100% per each day. Set yourself a goal and try to earn more and spend less. Make a profit.

3. There is also the great option is to download the applications in which you can see discounts in grocery and industrial stores. There are a lot of such applications and it really helps to save your budget.

4. Try to replace expensive products, that you often buy for the cheaper ones, but not in quality. Choose another brand or the product itself. Dress in budget stores and don’t buy too much.

5. Open accounts and replenish it for 30% -40% of your salary every month. The most important thing is to find the bank with high quality and interest on deposit.

6. Give up credit cards. You can’t rationally manage your income and expenditures, if you live on credit. When you have the same kind of cards you even don’t realize, that you spend literally a lot. The credit card in your wallet is only the superfluous though to buy something, that you don’t even need.

7. Use discount cards. Each store offers its own discount card and moreover it is completely free. Therefore, it is worth spending 5 minutes of your time standing in the line and filling out the form for receiving such a card, that further you could have at least 5% discount on purchases in the future.

8. Do you want to economize? In this case, you should refuse from cafes and restaurants. Start cooking at home and take food to work. So, this way in a month you can save up the half of budget for food. Instead of one dish for the same money, you will be able to cook from 2 to 4 dishes. Furthermore, the home food is tastier.

9. Coffee before work? A book from the store? Stop and look for the profit. Go to the libraries or find the site where people share books those they have already read and find the one which you’ve wanted. Buy a reusable cup for coffee. It’s going to be much profitable than spending 5$ each day for a cup of cappuccino.

10. If you are really tired from job and want to get a vacation. Here is the thing. Not a Greek Isles, obviously but you can get the rest with exploring of your neighborhood with fresh eyes and have fun while doing it. Become a tourist in your own city!

How you could notice the economy is not difficult thing. Distribute your income and you will make a profit.