How to distinguish an investment adviser from a broker?


Primarily, let’s start with the questions:

What is investments? (both professions are related to investment)
Who is an investment advisor? Who is a broker?

Investment is a contribution of money(capital) for profit. For example, you really want to buy the scarf and buying of this, it is also an investment. Why? Because you give your own money for the profit. In this case, profit is the heat and comfort in cold weather. But how to choose exactly that one, which suits you better among so many colors, styles and materials. At this moment, you get help from the shopping assistant.

He will tell you, what scarf to buy. As well, as in the store, in the investment market a person, who is poorly versed in all the intricacies, needs an assistant. This guide to the world of finance becomes an investment consultant. So, who is that? This is a highly qualified specialist, who explains obscure financial concepts, advises in which companies and when to invest money. In other words, he helps to make the most profitable investments in the most profitable projects.

Now let’s discuss, who the broker is. Broker is a legal entity or a person, that performs intermediary functions between the seller and the buyer. The buyer gives money to the broker and says, where he wants to invest it, the broker must tell the client about market data. After transaction, buyer gets a profit. What about a broker? He gets a commission from the concluded deal.

So what is the difference between a broker and an investment assistant? Investment assistant helps you with the market analysis and gives you advice, where will be better to invest money, during the broker is engaged in the implementation of this transaction.
As you can see, there is a difference between these two professions. One says what to do, the other performs.