Bride Pranks Groom by Wearing T-Rex Costume During “First Look”. Watch This Hilarious Scene


I love people who have a good sense of humor!

There are a lot of moments during the wedding when the bride and the groom are so overwhelmed with feelings that they can’t express it clearly. The second you see the following tape, you will understand what we are talking about. Here is the first look episode that is going to stay in your heart for a long time.

Elizabeth Gardner decided to make the day special for her beloved one the second she learned about the wedding tradition that has been kept for years. The future couples ought to see one another, dressed to the nines, but she dares to defy that custom by appearing in the most extraordinary costume ever.

The scene that is recorded by the wedding photographer has gained so many positive comments on the media that it is no wonder that people are responding to the hilarious appearance, staged below. The lady shows up in the T Rex outfit to celebrate her departure from the bachelor life.

She says that stepping into the status of a wife holds great meaning to her and her family, that’s why she made up her mind to surprise the groom in the best way she can. He can’t hold back from smiling the second he spots his future spouse in the outfit that can be bought at the retails stores around the country.

Elizabeth told the press that Rex is her middle name and her mother maiden’s name as well, that’s why she thought it to be a significant addition to the wedding ritual. You won’t be able to get enough of the tape that got millions of people laughing.

This couple stands out among the others due to their exceptional sense of humor, and the users claim that the groom should hold on to the lady like that. She has a sense of humor that cannot be duplicated. Watch the face of the man who turns around to discover that his future wife is disguised as a T Rex.

She has a vivid imagination, and that is something that should not be underestimated under any circumstances. This is surely a first look to remember, and the users agree with the statement. Check out the video and laugh with us. The bride did her best to make an impression!