Brave Man Rescued 4-Month-Old Puppy From the Jaws of Alligator.


Thanks God, everything ended good.

Hello, my dear friends! Today you will witness an incredible story of rescue. The little dog almost fell into the mouth of death but his owner saved her in time from the alligator. This story has a happy ending. What do you think was waiting for this puppy then? This little puppy became sheriff’s little helper in Florida.

One afternoon Richard Wilbanks was walking with his puppy who was 4 months old. The dog was called Gunner. And then from under the water they were attacked by an Alligator. He grabbed a small dog in the water. A brave man without hesitation jumped to save his pet, he unclenched the alligator’s jaws and freed his little friend.

An interesting fact that he had cigarettes in his mouth during this event. The man decided that his dog should not die and he should free him whatever happen. Also he said that he just had a good reaction and he loved his pet very much. This puppy was with him for only a week when this terrible thing happened.

Gunner the puppy was awarded an award called perseverance and struggle for survival and they also named him as their new officer for the safety and security of service dogs. Sheriff said that he will help children learn safety rules. We are incredibly happy that everything ended well. Gunner is safe and he also has a new position.

He will help children give joy and make the world a better place. Dogs are the best creatures in the world! They are loyal, strong and friendly. Dogs always help in a difficult moment and support a person. They have no dark thoughts that force to do bad deeds. We must learn from them.

This puppy was incredibly lucky, he has a brave owner who did not hesitate a second and rushed to save his pet. Thank you man! We need more people like you! Now let’s watch the video below! How it really happened.