Brave Firefighters Saved 22 Cats from Burning House in California


Such a noble profession.

Fire happened in New Jersey which fortunately ended without fatalities. Today you will hear very good news, or rather the fact of the fire itself is not good, but the rescue of 22 cats will please you. It happened in the state of New Jersey, Hawthorne, on December 16, 2020 At 12:30 a signal was received that a fire had occurred on the third floor of the house where three families lived.

This information was given by the Fire Chief Joe Speranza. He also added that the firefighters who were rescuing the animals did not get hurt, only a few small bites from cats. Jorge Padilla got a bite when he saved five cats. Many other cats were saved by other brave man. Thank God all 22 cats were rescued!

No one of the rescuer was seriously injured. Only a few people got small bites from animals. Animals can be understood. They were very frightened. The residents of the house moved to another area. Over this fire is under investigation. We are incredibly grateful to the rescuers who did not remain indifferent to people.

They also rescued small defenseless animals. Rescuers are a dangerous profession and at the same time noble. In order to be a rescuer, a firefighter or a police officer, you need to have incredible endurance, courage and strength. This work requires physical and psychological training.

Who else, if not us – people, will take care of our smaller brothers. We take them under our wing and take care of them throughout their life. Of course, there are animals that do not have their home, which is also very sad.

Let’s take care of our beloved pets, do not leave them in trouble and also do not throw them out into the street, so that they become homeless. Life at the shelter is not as good as in a kind and loving family that will take care and give warmth all year round.